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Why Urkund?

There are many reasons why Urkund is trusted by thousands of institutions in over 70 countries worldwide. Being a reliable system with cutting-edge machine learning algorithms is one of them. 

Easy to use

Urkund was created by teachers for teachers, to make their life easier. That is the core of our business and part of every developing process.


Urkund delivers accurate reports quickly, even in hectic exam times. Our aim is to save our users time while doing the job of detecting plagiarism in the best possible way.


GDPR compliant with privacy by design and an uptime of 99.9%. You can trust Urkund to be your partner in academic integrity.

Why Urkund is for me

To be a teacher, IT-specialist, a professor or anyone working in the education sector comes with many tasks. One of them is to sort out the infrastructure needed today to prepare the students of tomorrow. That entails a system that simply works, is easy to implement and doesn’t feel like an added burden.

What makes Urkund

Urkund only sells its licences to professionals at an organisation. Hence, we do not sell to single users or students. We are proud of our integrity, the fact that we don’t sell to potential ghostwriters and we want to keep it that way.  We support all common file formats and then some such as Hangul. We also offer the possibility to get authenticated via an institutions existing Single-Sign-On system, e.g. Shibboleth.

Trusted by some of the world’s most renowned institutions.

See how it works

Nothing is as convincing as a live demonstration in which you can see how Urkund works. Are you interested in learning more about our prices, integrations and modules? Then talk to one of our experts who can answer all your questions and show you the software.

What is Urkund?

Urkund is a text-matching software that is used to detect plagiarism. Sounds complicated? It isn’t! (Well, our developers will disagree). What our system does is to compare uploaded documents with sources from different areas and see if there are similarities. To be able to do so, we have truly complicated algorithms and technology behind it. 

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