Besides our beloved users, our partners is our most valuable asset when it comes to serving URKUND anti-plagiarism software to schools, collage and universities all over the World, from K-12 to higher education.

Our partners value an increased business value and extended customer offerings by Urkund sales, technical integrations, training and customer support.


URKUND provides the academic sector with the possibility to preserve student integrity along with acknowledging schools and universities as highly qualitative. Our partners increase their business value and customer offerings by product sales, technical integrations and customer support. The more focus on URKUND, the more we commit to you as partner and actively help you gain new market share, increase revenue and develop higher customer engagements.

URKUND’s plagiarism detection system is sold via partners worldwide. Typically, our partners are providers of software for schools and the academic sector, technology solution companies, LMS integrators or consultancy firms which all enhance the quality of education with digital solutions. Together we are able to improve and develop our capabilities towards our shared customers and serve the local market with high quality and customer focused support.

The URKUND Partner Program is built upon three ground pillars.

Mutual Beneficial Values

We aim for partnerships where a collaborative effort in sales and customer awareness is proven and highly valued.

Sales and Revenue

As partner to URKUND you receive recurring revenue based on commission. We provide qualified leads and full sales support.

Resources and Offerings

We offer you as a partner a set of tools and resources in order to streamline sales activities and gain market share.

Our partner programs

Value Added Reseller

The URKUND Partner Program supports our reseller partners through a comprehensive program including support, training operations and business enablement – enabling partners with a rapid roadmap to success. Read more

Technology Business Partner

As a Tech Business Partner you increase the value of your product or service by adding the text matching capabilities of URKUND. The goal is to achieve a seamless experience for the end customer. Read more

Integration Partner

Integration Partners creates and enables integrations with LMS or VLEs. URKUND collaborates with these partners that share our interest in educational excellence by offering complete solutions to the customer. Read more



  • URKUND is the #1 plagiarism prevention and detection software in the Nordic market and #2 in the world.
  • URKUND has solid financials and strong revenue growth of 25 % 2016 and 2017.
  • URKUND has more than 2,000 customers consisting of academic institutions, secondary schools and corporations.
  • URKUND is a true global business with customers and partners in more than 70 countries.
  • URKUND is a modern subscription-based cloud-solution with low churn rate.
  • URKUND is developed in-house in very close co-operation with existing customers and partners
  • URKUND partners with over 40 different LMS World wide.
  • URKUND is fully dedicated to work with partners and never competes with our partners
  • URKUND provides co-selling resources, expert services and marketing material exclusively for partners
  • URKUND offers committed financial resources for partners marketing and sales activities

The 11th reason

URKUND is passionate about improving the quality of education by addressing the problems connected to plagiarism. URKUND offers an unparalleled user experience which helps both novices and experienced users to start working in an instance.

For you as a partner this means that you will have a high quality solution for your customers, an easy on-boarding of new customers and satisfied customers which facilitates renewals.

Let’s collaborate!

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