Detect and prevent plagiarism

We offer a fully-automated system for handling the problem with plagiarism. URKUND automatically checks submitted text for plagiarism which encourages original writing amongst students and corporate writers.


Secondary schools

We provide the leading system for detecting and preventing plagiarism. Thousands of schools across the globe are already using URKUND as a part of their education and see the benefits of a fully-automated plagiarism system. Read more

Higher education

Universities around the world use URKUND to detect and prevent plagiarism efficiently. Our analysis overview presents the information required by the professor or tutor to determine whether or not the text contains plagiarism. Read more


URKUND is a reliable partner in your daily businesses. Our system automatically checks your professional texts for plagiarism. In addition to our source areas, you can build your own archive of sources that you deem important. Read more

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Curious about how an URKUND analysis report looks like? Feel free to take a look at a sample report that demonstrates the URKUND system. 

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We have improved the quality of student writing since 1999. Do you also feel passionate about helping more than three million students achieve quality and maintain integrity in their work through technology?

URKUND is currently used in over 60 countries and we are constantly expanding. For this reason, we are now looking for new talent who are eager to join the URKUND team.

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The preventive objective of plagiarism detection is highly significant. When the students become aware of URKUND they are less inclined to seek shortcuts.

Arshad Hussanee, Learn Online Manager, University of Canberra

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URKUND is extremely easy to use. It is email-based, submission of texts is easy, and you get a very clear report
back. This is very valuable to us – the more complicated the system the less willing our staff will be to use it.

Joshua Kragh Bruhn, Information specialist, CBS