An important quality assurance of education

A multitude of universities and higher education institutions around the world use URKUND to detect and prevent plagiarism effectively.

Plagiarism control for universities and higher education institutions

With URKUND the students take an active part in the submission process which increases the awareness of the fact that all submitted documents will be checked. This both creates a strong preventive effect as well as a more equal academic environment with increased fairness where everyone’s work is treated the same.

No arbitrary or random selections is needed with URKUND since every submitted document is checked automatically. Furthermore, students are made aware of the problem of plagiarism from a moral perspective as this together with discussion on citation techniques and correct source management follow naturally on the implementation of URKUND. Discussions that are invaluable in order to make plagiarism a thing of the past.

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An educational support system focusing on anti-plagiarism

Automatic plagiarism control frees up valuable time for teachers that can then be spent on teaching and other tasks instead. In addition to easing teachers’ work, using URKUND clearly states that plagiarism is not allowed and that there is resources put in place to confront the problem. With URKUND, your institution rapidly takes an effective approach to the problem of plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

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The URKUND interface is clear and easy to use

The system is purposely built for both novices and experienced users alike and therefore has a very low barrier of entry. After a document is submitted, our system compiles an analysis report which is forwarded to the teacher along with the original document. The analysis shows any found text similarities and a source track-back in an easily operated interface.

The report provides all necessary information for the teacher to judge whether plagiarism may have occurred, or not, and if further action is needed. All found sources are listed together in a side-by-side view of the student’s text and the original source/s. The analysis also shows if any words have been replaced, moved, removed or added.

URKUND points authors in the right direction

The feedback we receive from the large group of learners who have experienced URKUND is almost exclusively very positive. It is evident that the presence of URKUND within the teaching environment makes the vast majority of students, who would never deliberately take any prohibited shortcut, more carefully check their references and cite and paraphrase correctly.

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We do not determine if anyone has cheated

URKUND shows similarities in text, not cheating. Extracts from the sources that have similarities to the submitted document are shown on one side of the screen, allowing for a simple parallel review. It is up to the teacher to decide whether the writer has used sections of text inappropriately. The review may for an example show that the student needs a little more information on how to cite correctly. Whereas in many cases, the highlights confirm that the writer has understood precisely how one should quote and paraphrase.

URKUND helps assure the quality of education

It is easy to start using URKUND. We have the resources and the experience needed and will assist in the implementation process and throughout the entire period of the licence. An organisation joining URKUND has the option of choosing between three different levels: Campus, Department and Institution. The licence runs over 12 months and grants unlimited access to the system (within fair usage). A subscription may start at any point during the calendar year, all according to the client’s wishes.

An URKUND subscription contains:

  • A system for plagiarism checks
  • Integration plan
  • Information material and manuals
  • URKUND Training
  • User support
  • Contact person at URKUND

The system is web based and requires no software installation.

Use URKUND through your LMS

URKUND is very straight forward to use via e-mail and many of our clients choose this method to check work for potential plagiarism or to enhance learning. However, our system can also be used to great advantage as an integrated part of a school’s chosen digital learning tool.

Several Learning Management Systems, LMS, choose to integrate URKUND into their platforms. There are already integrations with more than forty commonly used LMS/VLEs such as Moodle, Blackboard, SchoolSoft, SharePoint and many more. This makes it possible for your teachers to work effectively with URKUND in the LMS-environment they use in their daily work.

How it works

Students submit their work to their teachers. When it reaches the teacher, it has already been checked against URKUND’s three source areas. URKUND then present the information the teacher requires to determine whether or not the text contains plagiarism. Since everything that passes through the URKUND system is made a future source, students cannot borrow a text from another student at the same school or any school that uses URKUND. This creates a strong preventive effect since students know that every submitted document is checked.

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