Our services

We help schools, universities and corporations with plagiarism control and certifying the authenticity of their written work. Our system automatically checks documents against the Internet, academic databases and repositories of previously received documents. The result is a analysis of any similarities and a source track-back in an easy to operate interface.

Academic organisations globally use URKUND to detect plagiarism

URKUND helps improve the quality of education by providing pedagogical support in the writing process. Using an automatic plagiarism tool saves time otherwise spent on verifying the content of written assignments, as well as making it easier for e.g. publishers who want to check the authenticity of their material.

It is easy to start using URKUND. A subscription may start at any point during the calendar year, at a time chosen by the client. We tailor our services to meet your unique requirements and needs.

Secondary schools

We provide the leading system for detecting and preventing plagiarism. Thousands of schools across the globe are already using URKUND as a part of their education and see the benefits of a fully-automated plagiarism system. Read more

Universities & Colleges

Universities around the world use URKUND to detect and prevent plagiarism efficiently. Our analysis overview presents the information required by the professor or tutor to determine whether or not the text contains plagiarism. Read more


URKUND is a reliable partner in your daily businesses. Our system automatically checks your professional texts for plagiarism. In addition to our source areas, you can build your own archive of sources that you deem important. Read more

URKUND training

To make sure that all of our clients get the most out of the system and to avoid any misunderstandings regarding interpreting text matching results, we offer two different types of system walk-throughs. Like with everything else, we tailor each and every part of our delivery to your specific wants and needs. We can either come to you for and on-site training or hold a live interactive webinar.

On-site training

We come to your faculty and teach you how to get the most out of the system within your own learning environment. It is a nice way of learning about URKUND in detail and to get answers to questions that might arise. It is also an excellent opportunity to get a plagiarism discussion started.


URKUND’s popular web training is a fast and efficient way to learn more about our system. We hold a live session via the web with a focus on the different aspects of URKUND’s system. We go through the functionality of the system and demonstrate how it is used in the easiest and most efficient way.