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We are incredibly proud and honoured to announce that we have been chosen by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, together with UGC and INFLIBNET to provide Indian universities with our test-winning plagiarism prevention software.

It has been such a rewarding journey on which we were able to convince the tender of the power of our software, our technical features including our advanced machine learning algorithms and not least our heavy investments into premium paid content from publishers.

The Scope:

It is a unique initiative of unprecedented scale in which a governmental institution (in this case, by the Indian ministry body for education) decided for nationwide plagiarism software. We fulfilled the toughest technical requirements and were therefore selected as the entrusted Plagiarism Detections System to be provided to all higher education institutions, all universities, in India. This initiative also demonstrates the importance of tackling plagiarism in academia, perfectly understood and taken action upon by the MHRD in India, the world’s largest democracy.

What that means: 

Urkund is now available at over 1000 Universities all across India, hosting 35 million students. Together with UGC and MHRD, we want to encourage all students to take pride in their original work to create innovative and new ideas in order to strive for new solutions.

Why a plagiarism prevention software

Urkund helps to create and maintain a high standard amongst students and throughout the entire education. Being able to check your text for originality and protect it against potential plagiarism is key for a successful academic career and Urkund is proud to be a part of that journey along the way. Having a plagiarism detection software at any institution ensures that academic standards and integrity are taken seriously and that creative new ideas are encouraged and enabled. It also ensures research papers fit for being published, further adding credibility to the level of education provided at the university.

Read also our press release about it here:

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