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Make sure your hard work is protected from plagiarism and your academic career is based on merit.

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Urkund’s technology can be used as a preventative tool to enhance your learning experiences and make sure to equip you with the knowledge you need throughout your entire career. Make sure to check the referencing standards your university or school uses and always ask your instructor if you are uncertain. Being accused of plagiarism can have severe consequences and is above all – avoidable. 

Prepare yourself for academic success

Many cases of plagiarism are completely unintentional, often caused by a lack of knowledge and guidance on how to cite and reference sources correctly. Using Urkund at your institution gives you the opportunity to discuss and improve your academic writing, define what counts as plagiarism and foster original thinking. To support you in your academic journey, we have created guides and cheat sheets on the subject, free of charge!

Don’t compromise your copyrights

Protecting your original work from plagiarism shouldn’t mean you give up the rights to your content. At Urkund, we believe in transparency and fairness as well as flexible solutions. In clarity, this means that your university decides how content should be used or not and has flexible options for doing so. Want to opt out of displaying your documents in future searches? No problem with Urkund.

The success of your academic career should be based on merit​

By making sure plagiarism is kept at bay we contribute to equal treatment. We all know how cheated we feel when we’ve put in hard work just to see someone taking a shortcut and ending up getting the same results. Make sure your school or university takes plagiarism seriously so that you’re rewarded for your hard work! Is your school not using a plagiarism checker yet? Make them aware of us!

With a little help from...

…the experts. Let us guide you through the jungle of proper citing and referencing styles, what plagiarism really is about and most importantly, how to avoid it. You might not be aware of it but in the end we’re here to help you build a successful academic career.

Do you know how to properly quote, list references, and make sure your hard work doesn’t get flagged as being plagiarised? Take our quiz and find out.

Access the quiz here.

Get quick tips on how to avoid unintentional plagiarism. We’ve crated a cheat sheet on what plagiarism is along with best practices for citing and referencing.

Download the guide here.

All this talk about plagiarism – but why should you actually care? Here are some hard facts on the negative effects from plagiarism and how it affects you.

How cheating will cheat yourself.

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