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Keep your business original

Are you a publisher, media house, news agency, law firm or anyone producing content? Then Urkund is for you! Our corporate clients are using Urkund to ensure their documents’ originality and to track the spread of their texts on the internet.

What Urkund does for corporations

Our text-matching technology can be used in a variety of fields outside of academia. Whether you are a publisher that needs to assure the originality of its content, a lawyer that needs to examine copyright infringements in a case or a newspaper agency that needs to ensure plagiarism free texts, having original content is what defines you. Urkund lets you check your documents, reports, whitepapers, etc for potential plagiarism in no-time.  liabilty, check your whitepaper 

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Easy to use

We offer singular document checks or the possibility to subscribe for 6 or 12 months to Urkund. Perfect for journalists hunting THAT story, researchers checking their white paper before its release or marketeers guaranteeing original content!

A trusted partner in your daily business.

Urkund is the leading and most effective way of certifying the origin of texts and trace the spread of documents on the Internet. You can easily check all kinds of documents by just sending them in an email. More than searching for matches across the Internet, you can add archives and databases that are relevant for your business.

Build your own archive.​

Urkund has formed strategic partnerships with a number of leading information providers, such as IEEE, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley. This mean that your texts can be checked against premium published content such as scientific and popular articles, references books and databases. We keep developing more partnerships to benefit our clients in their work with plagiarism but it’s also possible to add your own sources, such as internal databases, to the plagiarism checks.

Get started quick and easy!

You can get started in matter of minutes and we can set up a subscription that fits your business. The system is web-based with a user-friendly interface and requires no installation. But don’t worry, as a corporate customer, you will have access to a dedicated contact making sure your business’ needs are met.

We have promoted original thinking and academic integrity for two decades.
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