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27 August, 2018

Thank you for this year’s URKUND PEPP-talks!

Thank you all who participated in this year’s edition of URKUND PEPP Talks. It was very nice to see so many familiar and new faces during the conference. We had a very rewarding day with many interesting lectures on how to tackle plagiarism, new teaching and learning methodologies, patch writing and contract cheating.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our speakers Dr. Mark Glynn, Head of the Teaching Enhancement Unit at Dublin City University, Aquilina Fueyo, Director of Educational Innovation, Universidad de Oviedo, Camilla Grönvall, PhD in Swedish language, Karlstad University, Dr. Thomas Lancaster, Senior Teaching Fellow in Computing at Imperial College London and our very own Peter Witasp from URKUND.

Did you miss PEPP-talks? Head to #urkundpepp on Twitter to get a snapshot of the conference.

Hope to see you next year!

/The URKUND team





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