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Tusentals nöjda kunder i nästan 80 länder är beviset på att Urkunds mjukvara verkligen fungerar. Läs om hur några skolor och universitet har främjat originalitet och förebyggt plagiering genom att implementera Urkund.

”It was very easy software to turn on and easy to adopt. It’s just a plug-in. You add it the same way that you would add any other plug-in to Moodle.” 

Ryan Hazen, Instructional Technologist and Learning Management Administrator for Carroll College

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“Once we were able to set up the connection, it was easy to provide faculty with the training necessary to start using the tool immediately.”

Sara Carter, Acting Director of Instructional Design and Technology at Delaware Technical Community College

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”The College-wide implementation of Urkund, supports Priority Number 1 of the Institution’s Strategic Plan which is to ’Maintain and strengthen academic excellence’ as the ’highest priority’.” 

Neil Gallagher, College President

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“Urkund is extremely easy to use. It is email-based, submission of texts is easy, and you get a very clear report back”.

Joshua Kragh Bruhn, Information Specialist

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​“The preventive objective of plagiarism detection is highly significant. When the students become aware of Urkund they are less inclined to seek shortcuts.”​

– Arshad Hussanee,
Learn Online Manager​

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”I personally find the possibility to see several sources per matching text as one core strength of the system. In addition, by restricting the visibility of our submitted documents, we can comply with the GDPR rules. Thirdly, it’s the speed of Urkund. I often get results in the mailbox within a few minutes.”

– Johannes Konert, professor for web engineering

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