A student’s guide to URKUND

By using URKUND as a student, you make sure that no one can plagiarise your work. Since URKUND checks documents against previously submitted student material, it is very difficult for others to steal your work without being detected.

URKUND protects students’ copyright and contributes to equal treatment

The most common cases dealt with by the disciplinary boards in universities concern cheating through plagiarism. It is a serious problem that has increased.

Many universities have acknowledged the problem of plagiarism and have adopted a proactive approach against it, such as using URKUND. Our system does not only assure the quality of your education, but also the equal treatment of students since everyone’s work is checked in the same way. No arbitrary or random selection is needed with URKUND.

Upload document to URKUND

It is easy to upload your document to URKUND. Follow the link below to log in.


You will find the most common the questions about URKUND and their answers in our student’s FAQ.


Do you want to learn more about how to avoid plagiarism?

It is sometimes easy to be tempted to copy a text even if it was not your intention to start with. The reasons for this differ; a careless mistake or uncertainty of what is permitted might be the most common reasons for plagiarising. Of course, one might also deliberately copy a text and then hope that the teachers do not detect it, but this type of plagiarism is fortunately very rare.

In order to help students and teachers avoid making mistakes, we have developed a text describing what plagiarism is. It is free to download for use within schools and academic organisations that are subscribers of the URKUND system.

Download our Plagiarism Handbook.