image1 pepp 2016URKUND PEPP-talks 2016

I fredags den 26/8 startade vi upp det akademiska året med URKUND PEPP-talks 2016 - vår konferens kring Plagiat, Etik, Pedagogik och Praktik. #pepptalk16 samlade ett 60-tal deltagare från universitet och högskolor i Sverige, Norge, Danmark och Finland och blev en mycket intressant dag, med många inspirerande föreläsningar och trevliga möten.

Tusen tack till alla er som deltog på konferensen!

Stefan Eriksson URKUND PEPP 2016
Stefan Eriksson, Uppsala Universitet;

Predatory Publishing
"Allegedly, there are over 8,000 so called predatory journals out there. Instead of catering for readers and science, these journals serve their own economic interests first and at best offer dubious merits for scholars. Scholars have a professional interest and a responsibility to keep track of these journals as it is their job to warn the young or inexperienced of journals where a publication or editorship could be detrimental to their career. Even with the best of intent, researchers who publish in these journals inadvertently subject themselves to criticism. Predatory publishing has taken off in a big way and this trend, referred to by some as the dark side of publishing, needs to be reversed. In this talk, the phenomenon and possible remedies are exemplified and discussed."

Annika Bindler Magnus Olsson URKUND PEPP 2016
Annika Bindler & Magnus Olsson, Umeå Universitet;

Paraphrasing Practice Makes Perfect Sense: Help students understand what "Write it in your own words" means.
"Paraphrasing abstract and complex ideas is challenging in one's first language, but having do this in a second language is even more challenging. Moreover, teaching students how to paraphrase in a second language is equally challenging. Librarians and writing tutors can share in the role of helping students understand integration and citation of information. This presentation discusses how librarians and writing tutors can work together to show students methods of paraphrasing."

Michelle Bergadaa URKUND PEPP 2016
Michelle Bergadaà, University of Geneva;

How to build a consistent Future for Knowledge Controlling Plagiarism?
Publish or perish, The Plagiarist, The effective use of softwares in cases submitted to the International Institute of research and Action on Fraud and Plagiarism.

Henrik Hansson URKUND PEPP 2016
Henrik Hansson, Stockholms Universitet:

I denna presentation kommer erfarenheter från ett sjuårigt förändringsarbete inriktat på att förbättra examensarbeten på institutionen för data-systemvetenskap (DSV), Stockholms universitet att presenteras. Totalt har 1 969 examensarbeten genomförts av 2 608 studenter under perioden 2008-2014. Både kvalitet och genomförandegrad har ökat signifikant. Exempel på nya processer, IT-stöd som utvecklats och reflektioner över förändringsarbetet kommer att ges.

Svante Axelsson URKUND PEPP 2016
Svante Axelsson, Uppsala Universitet:

How to order an essay online
Svante will present how simple it is to order an essay online, using his own experience of doing so, and will discuss how we can choose to adapt our pedagogy to make sure that students choose to do their own work rather than buy it from a ghost-writer.

James Bennett URKUND PEPP 2016
James Bennett, URKUND:

Case studies from afar: how two clients from different corners of the world are using URKUND







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