Tech business partner

URKUND continues to offer customers innovative technology and seamless integration through our strong strategic alliances with companies that share our interest in educational excellence by offering complete solutions to the customer.

As an URKUND Business Partner you increase the value of your product or service by adding the text matching capabilities of URKUND. The goal is to achieve an integration that is easy to use and creates a seamless experience for the end customer.


  • Sales training – we provide training in URKUND sales in order to expand your business.
  • Technical training – we make sure you get the necessary technical training to manage the URKUND product and support your customers.
  • Market aids – we provide marketing material and guidelines.
  • Tech support – we will help you and your customers with tech support to resolve issues.


We believe that an URKUND partner possess a network or customer base in the education sector. We also believe that knowledge and experience from providing software or services to the education market is beneficial. It goes without saying that you have a local presence with language and cultural understanding.

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We want to give all our partners a thorough introduction to URKUND why we have an established process to ensure a common understanding and commitment. If you’re interested in being a partner, we will arrange a couple of activities and online meetings.

1. Introduction meeting – where we get to know each other and where we show URKUND and our market and sales approach.

2. Agreement.

3. Sales and marketing meeting – where we train your sales representatives and marketing team in URKUND. In this session we show URKUND from a student and user perspective, discuss USP’s and discuss different sales and marketing activities online and offline.

4. When you sign your first customer – we meet again and support you through the process of setting up an account for your customer and how to handle support and customer agreement.

5. Follow-up meetings on a regular basis where we can discuss any topic.

6. We will send you invites to different online webinars for regular product updates for partners only.

Let’s collaborate!

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