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What is plagiarism

Why should I care about plagiarism? Because plagiarism concerns us all. It lowers the quality of overall education, it sets questionable moral standards and it


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Plagiarism handbook

The Plagiarism Handbook What constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it In this guide we list best practices, methods, and common styles of citing and

Urkund Case Study CCT College Dublin

Urkund at CCT College Dublin Enabling a greater understanding of what constitutes academic impropriety. CCT College Dublin has purchased Urkund plagiarism detection software. The College offers a range of qualifications

Urkund Case Study University of Canberra

Urkund at University of Canberra ”Plagiarism detection should be helpful rather than punitive.” A helpful pedagogical tool rather than a punitive detection system – this

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Cookie policy These are the crumbs we use. About cookies Cookies are small text files which contain data and are placed on the visitors’ computer,

Our team

Our team Original thinkers, preventers of plagiarism. Sofia Fornander Head of Customer Success John Tsihlis Sales & Partner Manager Josefin Fahlcrantz Accountant Philip von Schirach


Frequently asked questions Find the answers to your most common questions regarding how to use Urkund. How does Urkund work? My institution has it but

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