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19 August, 2019

New school year – new interface

If you have been following our journey, you might remember that we launched a beta version of our new interface earlier this year. If not, you know it now.

To everyone who gave us feedback during the past couple of months, a HUGE thank you. We have evaluated it, improved and tested it and are FINALLY and proudly ready for the full release on September 2nd. That means that our beta version will now be the default view for all of our users and open directly when you access our analysis. For those of you who haven’t tested the new interface yet, don’t worry, you will get to know it in no-time and will be able to switch back to our old interface during a transition period.

Why a new interface

The goal was, and always will be, to make our interface flexible so that it can fit the different workflows of our users and ultimately, enable you to spend less time in it. Keep in mind that this is the first launch of the new design and changes and improvements will be added throughout the following months.

Save time – follow the new workflow

All main findings can now be accessed through a quick and easy overview, with visual aids to help you understand which findings could be worth a closer inspection.

Similar to our previous interface, you can get detailed views for each finding in a side-by-side view, dive deeper into the specific sources matched, or scroll through the full document with the findings highlighted.

So what will change from September 2nd?

The current beta version of our new report design will become the default for all our users. The new version So if there are features you want to improve or suggestions you have concerning the functionalities, submit your feedback to

To make the transition as easy as possible, we have gathered the most common questions asked around our interface and answered them below.

Frequently asked questions about our new report design.

Can I switch back to the old design version of Urkund?

Yes! You will be able to switch back to the old version of Urkund at any time during a transition period. Simply click on the toggle button as described in the image below, and the report will be loaded in the old version instead.

You can switch between the new and old Urkund report during a transition time

How do I view the student’s submitted text side-by-side with the matching text?

In our new interface, we created different ways of assessing a report. That allows you as a user to individualise the workflow to some extent. If you want to assess findings, i.e. matching text or warnings, side-by-side with the student’s text, head over to the “Findings tab”. You’ll reach it from the “Analysis Overview” as described in the images below.

How do I view the student’s submitted text in its entirety?

To read the student’s submission as a whole, head to the “Entire Document” tab. You’ll reach it from the “Analysis Overview” by clicking “View the entire document” tab. You can also open and download the submitted file from the “Submission Details” box in the overview page.

View details of your findings in our new interface More information about your findings

The new interface does not seem to be available in my preferred language?

We are continuously working on adding new languages. Currently, you can choose between English, Swedish, Spanish, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, German, French and Portuguese. If you’re missing a language that you normally use for Urkund, head back to the old version that still supports it.

I want to download the report as a PDF but I don’t know how?

The pdf export button is placed in the top right corner of the header. Click the downward-facing arrow button and the export should begin.

For a detailed guide on our new interface check out our Quick Start Guide or watch the video below explaining all the features. We hope you enjoy the new look and added functionalities!

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