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Integration – Microsoft Teams

Everything you need to know about our integration with Microsoft Teams

What does the integration do and why should I use it?

Our integration, built in collaboration by Haldor, allows you to send documents directly from Microsoft Teams towards Urkund, and finds the reports for the sent documents in Microsoft Teams. It also automatically creates Urkund accounts for teachers who need it and will pick up any already existing account registered. It can be set-up in minutes and requires little to no extra support. Our Urkund plugin can be downloaded directly from the Teams store and is a non-intrusive plagiarism detection that lets you keep your current workflow within MS Teams. If you are unsure about your access, always ask your admin for more info. For all of you wondering about what you need before buying a plagiarism detection software, we’ve compiled a checklist which you can download here

Read about how Urkund works

  1. As a Teams admin, sign up on
  2.  Contact with your Tenant ID and notify us about your interest in the integration.
  1. Activate the Urkund app for a specific Team.
  2.  Submit the documents towards Urkund for a Team using the app.
  3. Find the reports for the documents in the app as soon as they’re available.

Tutorial on how to use Urkund in MS Teams

Guides for teachers and admins

Guide for teachers

Download our set-up guide for teachers and get started with our plagiarism detection in Microsoft Teams. 

Guide for admins

Download our set-up guide for admins and get started with our plagiarism detection in Microsoft Teams. 


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