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Our 2020 resolutions? None!

Our resolutions for this year? Not to have any. Instead of unrealistic intentions that usually fall flat by the end of January, we are looking

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Privacy policy What, how, and why we process personal data. This privacy policy concerns the processing and storing of your personal data collected by,

Personal data processing policy

Personal data processing policy This policy covers the processing of personal data by Urkund’s products. 1. Background Urkund is a digital system used by universities

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Cookie policy These are the crumbs we use. About cookies Cookies are small text files which contains data and are placed on the visitors’ computer,

Définition du plagiat

Pourquoi dois-je me préoccuper du plagiat ? Parce que le plagiat nous concerne tous. Il affaiblit la qualité de l’enseignement dans son ensemble, il fixe des

Notre équipe

Notre équipe De véritable penseurs réfutant toute forme de plagiat. Sofia Fornander Head of Customer Success John Tsihlis Sales & Partner Manager Josefin Fahlcrantz Accountant