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How Urkund transformed what plagiarism means at DCU

An interview with Mark Glynn about Urkund's preventative effect, what academic integrity entails and more

We interviewed Dr Mark Glynn, the Head of the Teaching Enhancement Unit at Dublin City University to see how Urkund is used at DCU and how it has transformed the way students and instructors think about academic integrity. 

Key takeaways include:

  • Switching from a punitive to preventative usage of the text-matching software
  • The majority of Plagiarism cases is based on ignorance not malice 
  • Share results of the analysis report with their students.
  • Through Urkund, academic integrity gained a whole new meaning and even got it’s own day at DCU
  • Seamless integration into their Moodle environment
  • No support issues
  • A system that simply works
  • Feedback from DCU has been integrated at Urkund

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