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Plagiarism Control


URKUND Plagiarism Control

An educational support system focussing on anti-plagiarism

URKUND’s automatic document processing saves, according to our surveys, 2-3 hours a week for every teacher when marking written assignments. With 150,000 teachers currently using URKUND, it means a potential academic benefit to society of tens of millions of hours each year: time that could be spent on planning, teaching and supervision instead of internet searches and manual comparisons.

The URKUND interface is clear and easy to use

The system is purposely built for both novices and experienced computer users alike and has therefore very low entry thresholds. We focus on the core of the service - finding and recognising similarities in the most professional manner possible. URKUND is best used when the students send their completed documents to us first. Our computers then do all the searches and compile a report which is forwarded to the teacher along with the original document. This report provides an immediate signal as to whether something should be checked further - even before the teacher has had time to become suspicious. The analysis shows the document and sources next to each other and all segments that exhibit similarities with other texts are clearly marked.

 URKUND does not determine whether anyone has cheated

URKUND shows similarities in text, not cheating. Excerpts from the sources that have similarities to the submitted document are shown on the right of the screen, allowing for a simple parallel review during which the teacher can decide whether the writer has used sections of text inappropriately. The review may well show that the student needs a little more information on how to cite correctly. In many cases, the highlights confirm that the writer has understood precisely how one should quote and paraphrase.

URKUND points authors in the right direction

The feedback we receive from the large group of learners who have experienced URKUND is almost exclusively very positive. It is also evident that the presence of URKUND within the teaching environment makes the vast majority of students who would never deliberately take any prohibited shortcut more careful to check their references and cite and paraphrase correctly!


URKUND likes cooperation!

We collaborate with several writers, publishers and information providers. URKUND can also be seamlessly integrated into almost forty different learning management systems. With LMS integration, the use of URKUND’s anti-plagiarism system is as simple as it can possibly be.

URKUND has been shown to be the best there is

The University of Applied Sciences (HTW) in Berlin’s periodic testing of anti-plagiarism services has consistently shown that URKUND is the most effective system when it comes to detecting potential plagiarism.

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