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URKUND Webinar sessions



1. Getting started with URKUND

As the experience of computers varies greatly among teaching staff URKUND is developed specifically to be a very user friendly system that most people can use without prior knowledge and over time almost all will be up and running. In order to expedite this natural process, we offer the webinar - Getting Started with URKUND, where we go through the system in theory and in practice. After completion of the webinar, all participating teachers will know how easy our system is to use as an addition to the normal document submission procedure, and any previously perceived steep user threshold is significantly reduced.

What is covered:

• How can URKUND be of assistance?
• The underlying functionality of URKUND
• Two of the URKUND user interfaces; the report package and the analysis (overall functionality)


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2. Learn more about the system’s capabilities

When URKUND has been in use in the organization for some time, there may be a need to learn a little more about the opportunities it offers. Through the URKUND Webinar - Become an expert on URKUND the organization will maximize the benefits of the service and the users are given additional tools to work even more effectively.

What is covered

• We go through URKUND different user interfaces; the web-based inbox, the URKUND analysis (deeper functionality and interpretation of results) and what opportunities there are for students to manage their documents.
• If there is an integration between URKUND and the organization’s learning management system we adjust the webinar to take this into account when possible.

Required equipment

The webinar is performed using the digital conference platform GotoMeeting and further details are communicated when placing an order.

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