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21 May, 2018

Dr. Mark Glynn summaries his talk for URKUND PEPP-talks

Dr. Mark Glynn, Head of the Teaching Enhancement Unit at Dublin City University (DCU), is one of several speakers at this year’s URKUND PEPP-talks (24th August in Stockholm). This is how he summarises his talk “Designing Plagiarism out of Assessment”:

“Text matching – carrot or stick approach. Should we assume students are guilty and use the software as a stick or should we assume that they are innocent and use the software to teach them about academic integrity, and proper citation and referencing? This talk will outline 12 principles of academic integrity that we would recommend as an approach to minimise the opportunity for students to plagiarise while at the same time encourage an approach that encourages best practice in terms of assessment.”

Mark will also discuss DCU’s approach to proactive and positive assessment and plagiarism as well as share his experience of changing mindsets – not just skillsets – when it comes to assessment and plagiarism.

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