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19 March, 2020

Covid-19: Info for all Urkund users

*Updated* How Urkund is working towards users and customers in these turbulent times.

Dear Urkund user,

We hope you are well and safe in these turbulent times. 

The current spread of Covid-19 and the precautions taken to decrease its expansion have put many institutions into challenging situations. Many of you are looking into digital solutions and we want to assure you that our software runs smoothly during the higher demands of a more digitized and remote education environment worldwide. 

The current situation is forcing teachers, professors and students to embrace digital learning and new ways of working, learning and interacting. This is truly an opportunity for growth and finding a solution that works best. Now is perhaps the best time to improve your digital tools. 

The same applies if you are a company and need to keep your business running without being able to meet in the same location. Communication with customers across different industries has changed due to travel bans, quarantines and cancelled events. This often requires alternative solutions in digital formats.

Here’s how we are tackling these uncertain times: 


  • Our staff has been working from home since last week in order to minimise the risk of several employees being sick at the same time and to minimise the overall spread of the disease. We currently have not seen an increased amount of employees on sick leave, rather on the contrary when compared to the same period last year. 
  • We have established a plan for daily activities to be always covered even in the case of an increased absence of staff
  • We have implemented an emergency coverage plan for instances of sick staff.


  • Since more students will study from home, the number of assignments and therefore of uploaded documents to Urkund, will increase. We already noticed an increased amount of uploads and expect this to continue for the next couple of weeks before stabilising later on.
  • To ensure that we can process the increasing volumes of documents, we have already established capacity increasing measurements last week. We will work closely together with our data centre to implement them as soon as possible. Several new servers are up and running during the day with more coming in the next couple of days. We are ready to increase our capacities even further if necessary.
  • As customers, you can help us make it a smooth operation by: spreading out your assignment deadlines/due dates; and setting deadlines/due dates at odd times that are not exactly on the hour. All of this will help us to avoid significant peak times and operate more smoothly and with fewer delays for you.


We have received a lot of questions and requests from instructors who haven’t previously used Urkund. In response, we have conducted and recorded online tutorials.  These tutorials cover how Urkund works and particularly focus on our report analysis tool. We started with these sessions in Swedish, English and Spanish. Watch the webinars below:

Spanish Webinar: Urkund in Spanish – Recorded Video

Watch here:

Swedish Webinar: Urkund in Swedish: – Recorded Video

Watch here: 

English Webinar: Urkund in English – Recorded Video

Watch here:

We understand that education and business are facing tough times, but together we can keep things going. If you need a partner to help in adopting a remote education or work environment, we have the experience to support you. Let us know at!

We at Urkund are here to help and support you in making things run smoothly during times of distance learning and remote teamwork. 

We want to share with you our combined knowledge and the experience learned from decades of work in education technology as well as the feedback and responses from our users all over the world.

Take care and stay safe!


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