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Data security

We take data security very seriously and make sure your data is protected.


Our servers are protected behind firewalls and the document database is completely closed and can not be accessed from outside. Our archive search module can not be engaged other than when our internal search program identifies proper authorisation. The communication to and from the service via our Web-service uses transport level security, using TLS/SSL. No third party has access to the Internet traffic. Urkund is not subject to the US PATRIOT Act as the system and its components are entirely owned by a Swedish company.


The system uses a scalable and redundant infrastructure making for an uptime above 99.99%. This means you will be able to get on with your work even in the most hectic of times.


We employ privacy by design and pride ourselves of making sure all our users stay in control of their personal data. You can read more about our privacy policy regarding our websites here, our cookie policy here, and our policy regarding the use of our system here.

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