The solution to plagiarism

URKUND is an automatic text-recognition system made for detecting, preventing and handling plagiarism, no matter language. We are passionate about helping schools, universities and corporations to encourage original writing and have done so for almost 20 years.

How it works

In essence there are four integral parts of the URKUND process.

The URKUND process starts when a student submits a document to the system. This can either be via the schools’ existing learning platform or as simple as sending it to us via email. The system supports a wide variety of the most popular file formats and your standard word processors as well as archives when emailed. Language independently the text is extracted from the document and the processing begins.

The text is analysed and we begin to check for possible candidates for text similarity across our three source areas. URKUND singles out potential matching sources from our archives containing sources from the wider Internet, academically published material, and previously submitted student documents. Candidates for text similarity are studied in depth for similarities and any results are saved.

When a document starts to display similarities to other sources a matching profile begins to take shape. We not only record the degree of the matches but take into account any usages of paraphrasing and synonyms while checking for any other form of substitution.

When the process is finished, an analysis overview is generated and delivered to the teacher, either via the used learning platform or by email. The results of the analysis are presented in a comprehensible report so that the teacher can make the final judgement based on our analysis if any plagiarism has indeed occurred.

The benefits of using URKUND

There are many benefits to using URKUND. Its automatic nature does not only save teachers hours of work there are also proven preventive effects as well as educational aspects from using a plagiarism detection tool.

Strong preventive effect

By employing the URKUND system as a part of the educational process you are sending a clear signal that plagiarism is unacceptable and that the resources to address the problem are in place.

The knowledge that URKUND checks every submitted document indiscriminately creates a preventive as well as a cautionary effect. Students will know that during their whole educational cycle their documents will be checked, one after another, by URKUND.

Educational aspects

With URKUND you address plagiarism as a problem as well as a subject in a natural and concrete way. URKUND can be used as a teaching tool when discussing the prevalence of plagiarism and its effects on education and society. You thereby create a solid foundation for the students in their further education.

URKUND fits into every kind of teaching method you may employ and every level of education. We aim to be as flexible as possible to address the problem of plagiarism wherever it might arise.

Take a look!

Curious about how an URKUND analysis report looks like? Feel free to take a look at a sample report that demonstrates the URKUND system. 

Source areas

URKUND works with an ever-expanding number of documents and sources. Roughly they can be divided into sources found on the Internet, articles published in academic journals and previously submitted documents. This includes everything from Wikipedia to national repositories of theses language indiscriminately. We believe in covering the source areas that your students might use as research material while taking into account the misuse of such sources.

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What constitutes plagiarism?

Plagiarism is wrongfully appropriating another person’s work and presenting it as their own. In the context of education, it boils down to trying to deceive instructors and institutions while trying to pass along unoriginal work or parts of it. Learning how to correctly reference and quote others work while working it in to an original text is an important lesson.

URKUND from the beginning until now

URKUND is developed by Stockholm-based Prio Infocenter AB, which is since 2018 owned by the private equity fund Procuritas Captial Investors VI. Together with Procuritas are we taking on an exciting journey with a newly launched plan to increase growth through global expansion. As part of investing in the future, the organization will be further strengthened to enable realization of the ambitious plan focusing on organic growth and product innovation.

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Do you want to learn more about plagiarism control?

In order to help students and teachers avoid making mistakes, we have developed a handbook describing what plagiarism is. It is free to download for your own use and within schools and academic organisations that are subscribers of the URKUND system.

Download our Plagiarism Handbook.

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Urkund clients world map

Our clients are mainly academic institutions

A multitude of universities and higher education institutions around the world use URKUND to detect and prevent plagiarism effectively. Secondary schools are also starting to see the benefits of plagiarism detection and URKUND is widely appreciated amongst students, teachers and principals – more than 800 of Sweden’s lower secondary schools use URKUND today.

Companies are also using URKUND to ensure their documents’ originality and to track the spread of their texts, especially on the internet. URKUND is a trusted partner in these corporations’ businesses.

URKUND’s clients are from all over the world, with concentrations in Europe.