URKUND is the leading web based system for plagiarism prevention. Today a vast majority of Sweden's universities use URKUND in order to efficiently detect and prevent plagiarism. Students send their assignments to their professors via e-mail and on the way between them the documents are matched against three central source areas; the Internet, published material and the URKUND Archive build from previously submitted documents. URKUND then present the information required by the professor in order to determine whether or not plagiarism has occurred.

By using URKUND the organisation clearly stated that plagiarism is not allowed and that there is both interest and recourses available to confront this academic problem.

The students are an active part of the submission process which increases awareness of the fact that the documents will be checked. This creates a strong preventive effect.

The teachers do not have to manually check documents for plagiarism or track down sources. Instead they save valuable time.

Students are made aware of the problem of plagiarism from a moral perspective as this together with discussion on citation techniques and correct source management follow naturally on the implementation of URKUND. Discussions that are invaluable in order to make plagiarism a thing of the past.

With URKUND there is no need for the teachers to select which documents to check since every document is checked automatically. Not only does this maximize the detection level, it also makes it possible to entirely avoid arbitrary or random selections among students.

URKUND gives the teacher detailed matching information in the Analysis and all sources are clearly marked. If a case of plagiarism is determined all data necessary is available for presentation when needed.

URKUND is an excellent way of adding to the quality assurance of an education






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