Used extensively by academic organizations around the world URKUND is a practical aid in plagiarism control and certifying the authenticity of professional texts. URKUND automatically checks texts against the Internet, archives and databases and reports any similarities and offers source track-back in an easy to operate analysis. URKUND is available via the web, via e-mail and through integrations with existing platforms such as MS Sharepoint.

URKUND helps to improve the quality of education by providing pedagogical support in the writing process and to save time otherwise spent on verifying the contents of written assignments.

URKUND can also be integrated into external systems, allowing users of a Learning Management System and other customer specific systems to use URKUND as part of an already familiar environment. The new web service has all the nuts and bolts to make the interaction between our partners and URKUND both more modern and flexible. The new web service uses completely different technology and we have therefore in connection with the revamp also improved major parts of both the flow and the logic. Among other things, we move away from e-mail as a method of transmitting documents in favour of a REST-based protocol using XML or JSON over HTTP.

URKUND is already integrated with a number of common Learning Management Systems, such as Moodle, Blackboard, Fronter, SharePoint, PingPong, Vklass, It’s Learning and others.